Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stitch by Stitch - Fashion That Won't Hem You In.

From the minute Vixie Rayna turned up in one of  SevenStar Amat's designs from her store 'Stitch By Stitch' many, many moons ago, I was smitten to say the least.  I remember ooooo'ing and ahh'ing so much that my sharing, caring friend gave me the Violet Night dress that I never took off for what seemed like forever.  If this were a dress in RL it would have had to be peeled off me because of lack of washing.

I then met Seven and discovered this amazingly talented person who was interesting, kind, generous and intelligent.  What has always impressed me with Seven's collection is her mastery of prim work.  The coats, skirts, jacket's and dresses always sit so well on the avatar and somehow she always places them in the most perfect positions that when rezzed, as if by magic,  everything fits like a jig saw.  I believe there are not many who have mastered this like Seven.

Seven is a wonderful mix of artist and dress maker which is evident by her eclectic use of colorful textures, laces and zany adornments that make up many of  her pieces.  Her Frida Kahlo dress is one of my all time favorite outfits and I would give my eye teeth for a scarf in RL made of those incredibly colorful prints she has used in the dress.  Having just purchased two Sir Alistair Rai scarves in RL, I would die for a Frida inspired scarf created from the mind of Seven. The way she utilizes color, often combining hues that one would not expect but it always works and if you look carefully, you appreciate the thought that has gone into creating her unique pieces.

In honor of Seven's incredible talents, I have created a mish-mash of pieces centred around her glorious 'Miss Berlin' skirt which is part of a wider outfit she created.  If you haven't had the pleasure yet, do pop by her store and soak up the fun that is Stitch by Stitch.

Hair: Zoe in Natural Blond by Maitreya.
Skin: Jesse Sunkiss in Make Up 15 from Belleza.
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Green (4) big by Nany Merlin.
Skirt: Little Miss Berlin by Stitch by Stitch
Jumper: Enroulent Jumper in Walnut by Gisele.
Shoes: Mishima Dawn in Brown Leather by Maitreya.
Anklets: Brown Anklets by Maitreya.
Stockings: Sheer Tan by Battered Boudoir.
Hat: Gold Teresa Hat by Elegance Hats.
Bangle: Line Bangle's in Plum by ::ElDee::
Earrings: Antonia Beige by DeLa.
Nails: French Pink by Detour.


  1. thank you dear Chalice, you allways touch me to tears when I just think about giving up SL creation.Then something wonderfull and encouraging comes from you and I know why I do all this. Bless you!

  2. I love the skirt <333
    Gorgeous look Chalice!!