Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Kissed The Boys And Made Them Cry

WOW I've had a blast this SL weekend. I've danced, laughed, explored new places and purchased new things. It was cold at home...a real Autumn day giving us a taste of what we're in for so I wasn't up for much in terms of being outdoorsy. I snuggled up, made coconut 'n' chocolate bread, cooked a yummy chicken dish and generally the family just chill-axed.

I downloaded the Rainbow Cool Viewer that I'm assured is compatible with LL TOS. I seriously cannot get on with V2. I don't like the side bar information and I think the movement/camera controls are cumbersome. I seemed to be involuntarily logged off from the Emerald Viewer on a regular basis so thought I would give Rainbow a try. I love it. It has all the things I personally want in one viewer so will stick with this until LL fix the movement/camera controls, remove that annoyingly huge side bar and deliver my notices to the top right of my screen. To me it is like I have all the new features in the old format that I am so familiar with.

Here is an outfit I styled from various sources. I do love the clever shading on the pants I purchased from Relentless Couture. How arty to combine a classic rock theme (the skulls) with a pattern noted for its traditional refinement (damask).

I also loved this double layered T from Faire with a message from Katy Perry...albeit with a twist. I did actually get the one that says I kissed a girl too. I mean who wouldn't want to kiss girls....we're FABULOUS.

I am loving tattoo layers. You know what? They negate the need to pose for hours on stands trying to get your prim lashes lined up plus no more caterpillars on yer face when you first land. I was thrilled to receive a tattoo layer from Tattanooga in the form of lashes. I tried it on and couldn't get to the shop quick enough. The make ups and lashes look great and are so easy it's insane.

Coming from a models perspective, I remember the limitations of SL when we had to quick change without a handy tab, fit lashes, struggle with body/face lights, try to reduce ugly foot bumps with particular shoes and skins that worked against the lighting before the vast improvements of recent times were afforded us.  These days I do believe it is easier to style and create unique looks because it's all out there for the taking.  In many ways I'm glad I learned in the quaint old days because I really do appreciate what we have now.

I also visited Posh for the first time and have fallen in love with their hair. There's something about it that floats my boat. I love how the pulled back hair sits low at the forehead. Anyhow, do take a trip to Posh and try on the demo's. I'm also wearing my favorite of all favorite shoes, Salience from Maitreya.

Click the pics for a more detailed look at mah threads.

"They're still gonna put pictures of my derriere in the magazine"

The Look
Skin: Elle in Pale Make Up 4 by Belleza
Tattoo Layer: Giftie from Tattanooga at Jador (lashes)
Eyes: Big Grey designed by Nany Merlin - Expressive Eyes
Hair: Diamond (Bangless) in Sunflower by Posh
Top: Kissed in Purple by Faire
Pants: Skull Damask Leggings by Relentless Couture
Hairpiece: Skellyflies by Canimal
Earrings: Glass Chunk Earrings by Shiny Things
Shoes: Salience in Black/Gold by Maitreya

Love you Vixie.


  1. Oh very cool - YAY! I love the tattoo layer. I'm rushing over to Tattanooga. (LOL - awesome name)

    Your blog is full of light. It makes me smile. :)

  2. coconut 'n' chocolate bread ????
    sounds interesting!

  3. Em - thank you my love. Big squeezy hugs.

    Cas - Yeah it's divine.

  4. even when you're funking it up, you still always manage to retain an air of pure elegance <33

  5. Chalice Carling that's elegant. lol

    TY baby.