Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tik Tok Shapes

Miah McAuley, owner and designer of Tik Tok is making shapes. She sent along Lil, an incredibly sweet Asian inspired shape and as you can see from her vendor poster below, Miah provides a style card if you want to recreate the exact look. I love her picture of Lil and think she has nailed this gorgeous Asian creation.

Gorgeous isn't she?  Lovely work Miah.

Lil is selling for 500L modifiable and 300L non-mod. I will be bringing you the other shape called Selena also. Lil is so petite yet curvaceous compared to towering Chalice who in model mode, stands as tall as an avatar can get and is bean pole skinny.

I also wanted to show you this retro styled swimsuit from Meghindo's Touch Of Sensuality. I had never visited Meghindo Romano's store before but I was very impressed and had lots of fun browsing the seemingly endless floors of clothes. I really love this little number...the flower and crystal on the shoulder is as cute as can be and the texture is stunning.

The last two shots were also taken in world. Who knew that you could play around with the water settings so much that you could get a stunning effect like this? I've done it before but I was thrilled with the gorgeous colors produced on this occasion.

Style card:
Hair: Codie Bob by Eshi Otawara (possibly not available)
Skin: Rene in Winter tone (Vine make up) by Tik Tok
Shape: Lil by Tik Tok
Eyes: Grey Big Expressive Eyes
Nails: Natural Real Color Pack (Pink) by J's
Swimsuit and flower: Abaete by Meghindo's Touch Of Sensuality
Socks: Pastel socks by BiancaF
Shoes: Pumps in Maroon (Gift) by Maitreya

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