Monday, May 3, 2010

It's Prestige All The Way At OoEas! Designs

I received a folder tonight full of sexy little dresses that I couldn't wait to try on and share with you all.  Called 'Prestige Suede Mini-dress', I think you're going to love the quality texture and shading that quite honestly, doesn't adequately show in these pictures.  I loved the fact that in a variety of poses, the break down in texture that invariably occurs along the torso was a non-issue with these barely there beauties. Designed by Sara Dimitriaski of OoEas! Designs, the dresses were named after Bax Coen's Prestige Suede Boots because the 4 shades of the dresses contained in the Blacks fat-pack match the shades of the Bax boots in the Black fat-pack.  Clever eh?

The colors of the dresses are Key Lime, Pink, Coal, Dark Grey, Ivory and Light Grey respectively. Proving that it's all in the details, there's also a prim zipper attachment for the back. I'm wearing Bax's Prestige boots to show you what wonderful music these two designers make together. I'm also wearing my faithful Shag Stone Love Crystal Sets in various colors.  The hair is also from Bax Coen called the Nathalie in Platinum, it features a diamante studded headband with color change script.  Me likes a lot. 

I chose a colorful make up from LeLutka's Eclat range in the pale skin tone to give the face as much life as the outfit.

OoEas! also sent some new release belts in various colors.

Worn with Leezu's Brit Pants, these belts sit on the hips very well and required no tweaking from me.

I'll be showing you the fruits of a new skin designers labor tomorrow.  Stay tuned.

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  1. that is such a cool concept !! you totally rock these dresses like you do all .. gorgeous Cha Cha <33