Saturday, May 1, 2010

Puss'eh Galore - The Fashion Assassin

Just a quickie before bed. Hmmmm sounds quite wrong that. I wanted to finish off this post before the day was out. I put together this outfit based around the green gloves that I picked up from Ranena Olivier Couture as a freebie. I love styling outfits. Reminds me of a road trip without a never know where you end up. From there I picked this skirt that is part of a freebie outfit called Lucky from Phoenix Rising. Great skirt with wonderfully rich texture that includes the terrific belt. The top and jacket is part of an outfit from Stitch by Stitch called Roma.

Some heavy eyed make up in the form of Glam Affair's Leona was used to continue the drama of the outfit and impossibly long lashes from Detour called Cactus opened the eye even further.  In the hair department, I couldn't go past the new release Riley from Truth.  I tinted the hair band dark green and I'm wearing the Swedish tone.

I thought the Victorian Choker from Illusions would be a good match given it clings to the throat and compliments the deep red of the jacket and rose on the belt.

I've said it before, I believe there are no better shoes in SL than the Maitreya Gold range and take a look at these Allure shoes with tights. Shown here are the shoes in Bordeaux worn with the black your keyboard as you drool over these amazing, stylish babies. Dank u voor de schoenen Onyx.

Here's a pic of me riding my Frisian mare that I purchased from Branagh's Barn. In honor of my fav shoes and you know how much a woman loves her shoes....I've named said horse Maitreya.

Oh and if you're looking for a flag and flagpole for your house I found a great Aussie flag from Freak Flag Park - Flags & Banners. Only 2 prims and 200L's, they float in the breeze and I think look very realistic. Now my house is complete. All it needed was an Aussie flag.

Okay enough rambling from me...have a great Saturday.

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