Sunday, August 22, 2010

Baiastice New Release - Hair Attachments To Die For.

Chalice In Wonderland

This post is NOT about the fabulous Pois Satin dress from Baiastice currently available for a song at The Dressing Room Blue. No sir...people have already blogged that. This is about Sissy's new line of hair attachments recently released. I have just allowed Sissy to travel first class to the Maldives with the L's I just spent in her store. Well first class by Linden Airways to the next sim maybe. I couldn't count the number of styles she has produced but each attachment is available with 12 hair shades included for sale at a measly $150L.

I have only presented one style, the Lucrezia, because I want you all to TP to the Baiastice Beauty Department and demo till you drop.

Of course being an attachment, you'll need a quality hair base or hair tattoo but I'm sure nearly everyone has these. The hair attachment phenomena has become my absolute favorite SL invention of late and I simply can't get enough of them.

Chalice In Wonderland

I was so excited to post, I didn't even bother about finding a location. I just took these on my pool deck. Yay for Sissy.

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