Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jewelery With Edge From Behold Designs.

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Nail Cross earrings and Rubik's Cube bracelet from Behold Designs steps away from the norm.

A few posts ago I promised I would show you this cool bracelet designed by EnCore Mayne from Behold Designs. It was fortuitous that when I was about to style my look for this shoot, EnCore sent out these fabulous Nail Cross earrings and I thought it was a great opportunity to show both pieces. How she did this bracelet I'll never know but I just love the fact that she doesn't follow tradition and reinvigorates an item that took the world by storm years ago.

Chalice in Wonderland Blog

The Nail Cross earrings are another variation on a theme and I love the delicate red stone at it's center and the fact they are made to look like horse shoe nails.

Chalice in Wonderland Blog

To compliment EnCore's unusual pieces, I opted for something avant-garde and I knew exactly where to go. BiancaF has been a favorite designer of mine for a million years and I popped over to see what treasures she had dreamed up. I spied an outfit called Body Structure and wore only the prim pieces of the exterior dress to keep color out of the equation so that the Rubik's Cube bracelet had center stage.

Chalice in Wonderland Blog

To avoid hair taking over the look, I wore a knitted turban from Ce Cubic Effect and poked in some flexi feathers created by SL resident Vanilla Sola.

Chalice in Wonderland Blog

I had so much fun discovering NOMOS2, a residential role play sim that is just so well built with amazing views everywhere you turn. It felt like I was in the movie Blade Runner.

Thank you EnCore for the earrings love. I'm still working on solving the Rubik's Cube. I might have it by next year.

Skin from BiancaF
Eyes from Nany Merlin
Lashes from House Of Fox
Dress overlay from Bianca F
Turban from Ce Cubic Effect
Hair Hair deco flexi feathers created by Vanilla Sola (contact her in-world for an LM)
Earrings and Bracelet from Behold Designs
Shoes from Bolero
Stockings from Reale
Nails by J's

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