Monday, August 16, 2010

Get Ready For Hair Fair 2010 and Bandana Day In September

There's one day in September you'll want to remember - that's Bandana Day on the 19th which occurs during the 16 day Hair Fair kicking off on the 4th. This is the 5th Annual Hair Fair and has been a knockout success in the past. Bandana Day is a special event in the calendar where people are encouraged to whip off their hair and purchase bandana's specifically decorated by all manner of designers. The proceeds benefit Wigs For Kids and will ONLY be sold by the Hair Fair Committee (HFC) so do ensure you only buy your bandana from official HFC vendors.

Hair Fair 2010

Ms Sasy Scarborough heads up the committee and certainly needs no introduction from me as you would all be aware of her wonderful blog, Sasy Pants. The official Hair Fair 2010 blog offers a wealth of information for all of us to not only find out what's happening with the fair but why this cause is so important and special.

Hair Fair 2010

I along with many other bloggers will be periodically covering the Hair Fair and I guess I would just like to remind everyone that while we are all entitled to have our say, do remember what is at the core of this event and appreciate that a lot of effort from some very kind people has gone into the organization.  Yes it's about getting new, fun hair but it also has a deeper purpose. 

Hair Fair 2010

I re-textured the official bandana provided for this day and created by Damien Fate with my own message. As I type, many clever, artistic souls in SL are probably hard at work designing some kind of wonderful for you all to buy. I not being one of those people merely put together this design which is meant to be an eye with a message in the pupil.   In an artsy, fartsy sort of way I'm saying 'never take your eye off other people'.  There's always someone who needs you.    

Hair Fair 2010

This is shot at Chouchou Memento mori.

Credit where credit's due:
Skin: Belleza
Pants: Gigi Couture
Jacket: BiancaF
Top: Calypso Giano
Earrings: DeLa
Boots: Bax Coen
Gloves: Ateller
Glasses:  Donna Flora

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