Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kalnins Do Jeans.

Color me happy...Kalnins do jeans.  I have been a Kalnins girl for a long time now. Maris Kanto, Kalnins designers, knows good fashion. His shoes and eye wear are quality all the way and he definitely has a knack in marketing his excellent products. Recently Mr Kanto sent me a selection of his new jeans and they're fantastic. Available in a variety of styles, the jeans come in black, blue and sirocco for only 195L a pair.

Take a look.....

Chalice In Wonderland
Blue Kalnins

Chalice In Wonderland
Black Kalnins

Chalice In Wonderland
Sirocco Kalnins

These shots are taken in the doorway of the Kalnins shop. Take a trip over there and pick up these great, classy jeans. You know you can never have enough jeans?

Look 1

Top: Pink and Gray Hoodie from Mimi's Choice
Jeans and Belt: Blue Jeans from Kalnins
Shoes: Seleina from Kalnins
Bracelets:  Pewter Night Bangles from Baubles
Ring:  Lush Moria Ring from Morantique
Earrings: Dangle Diamond Studs by EarthStones

Look 2

Top:  Wrapped Tank in Black by Elymode
Jeans and Belt:  Black Jeans from Kalnins
Shoes:  Promenade Boots from Kalnins
Bracelets:  Ghost Hunt Gift from Love Chic
Earrings and Necklace:  Grey Heart from Crystal Line
Tattoo: Girl and Girl from Stradivarius

Look 3

Top:  Black Poncho from Cream Shop
Jeans and Belt: Sirocco Jeans from Kalnins
Shoes:  Plastique from Kalnins
Rings: Callie Cline and Fairy Tail
Earrings: Pearl Earrings from Son!a's

Skin:  Summer Skin from Glam Affair
Eyes: Stella from Glam Affair
Hair:  Soma in Ink by Lamb

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