Monday, August 16, 2010

The Body Snatcher Version 2

Ever feel something's missing in your life?

Well I do! Where's my bloody legs gone? Viewer 2 has taken them and I want them back. I'm not walking around with these for the rest of my SLife.

$500L for the return of my legs.  $550L if you wax them for me.

And right when I went off at the Maitreya Gold 50% off sale and brought out the store. My life sucks.


  1. Try putting on and then taking off something that's an alpha creation. Like the shoe one's or a tat or something. Doesn't seem to matter which. This has helped me with invisibleness/stuck as a cloud that seems to happen lately on Emerald so hopefully it'll work in this case too! :)

  2. But hey, those black stick legs you drew in are doing wonders for your overall look. Might consider surgery on those knees tho...

  3. TY for the advice Nyte...very much appreciated. I did actually change pants and vooom, there they were again. xx

    Banana - I'm having surgery wtih Dr Love. He's going to transfer the knobs to my chest :-))) Thanks for commenting.