Saturday, October 9, 2010

Be My Guest On Chalice In Wonderland.

Chalice In Wonderland Blog

Without you, SL would be a boring, bland place to live. It doesn't matter what you do in SL, it seems to me that the biggest commonality among us is the desire is to show our personal style through our avatars. For most of us, fashion is a massive component of our existence in SL and I would love to give those of you who want to 'show off', a forum to do so.

Chalice in Wonderland would love to feature residents who want to promote their beauty and style to a wider audience than just their friends. If you're looking to be discovered as a model, stylist, designer, anything at all, here is an opportunity to be seen over the fashion feeds. This is all about you and your message to the SL community so take some beautiful photo's and send them to me.

How do I feature on Chalice In Wonderland?

  • Create a note card and ensure you have your SL name in the title so I know who you are.
  • Cut and paste the questions below on to the note card and answer them. 
  • I will use between 1 and 3 pictures (no bigger than 1024 x 1024).
  • Attach the pictures to the note card, making sure they are full permissions.
  • Send in-world to Chalice Carling.

That's it darlings. Let me show beautiful you on my blog and let the world share your story and bask in your fabulousness..


Cut and paste questions


Who I am:
What I do:
What I love:
What I want:
What I want you to know:

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