Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Put Out A Pumpkin But It Baked In The Sun.

I've never celebrated Halloween but to get into the spirit, I did decorate my garden with a few strategically placed pumpkins. Unfortunately, the Aussie heat baked them to a crisp. While I appreciate the beauty of Autumn, we down South are heading toward Summer and that means bikini's, sunblock and waxing (definitely not in that order).

To mark the fact that it's going to be 30C (86F) today, Chalice went out to buy a new pair of kini's and was elated to find these from Cover Girl, another gem from the Japan Canvas sim. With cute prim bows at the hips and cleavage, the muted tones, the straight seams and the cut, they look very realistic.

Chalice In Wonderland Blog

What I love about these bikini's called Vague in Citron is they cover of multitude of pixel sins particularly around the derriere. These aren't dental floss but they're still very sexy and I love the lines.

Chalice In Wonderland Blog

No camel toe here girls. See how it sits on your Tra La La?

Chalice In Wonderland Blog

Unlike the thong look, there's no ugly canyon butt, just two round, juicy peaches ripe for the picking.

Chalice In Wonderland Blog

So well done fnzo Takacs, the designer from Cover Girl. You nailed this swimwear.

I gatecrashed the Costa Rica Sim's for this photo set but in the end they sent Vic Zuzu down to escort me off the premises. Luckily for me he tripped on his flip flops and I got away.

PS - I'm sending out a big Happy Rezz Day message to my SL friend, EnCore Mayne. Four years and counting. Go you sweet thing.

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