Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Chalice On The Couch With Dame Edith Ogleby

Oh what a thrill! My first visitor and Royalty no less.

This is what I've been waiting for. Learning about other residents, finding differences and commonalities among us. Dame Edith Ogleby is not your average Second Lifer as you'll see by her pics but she has a personality that pops right out at you. She's not all skin and bones like Chalice but we share a love of hats. Big hats. In honor of the Grande Dame, I ferreted out my most ornate hat to join in her chorus...MAKE MORE HATS.

Please welcome, Dame Edith Ogleby and her little dog, Sammy Davis Junior Junior.

Name: Dame Edith Ogleby

Born: March 23, 2010 (but I've been around just over a year on a "normal" avatar)

Who I am: The Grande Dame, grandmother to many (I seem to leave every concert I go to with yet another person claiming to be my grandchild!).

What I do: I explore a lot and enjoy finding interesting places and seeing what trouble-... I mean.... adventures I can get into. I enjoy visiting art galleries and also frequent live music shows. I also wear hats whenever possible.

What I love: Music, art, fashion sales, and pleasant, intelligent conversation. Also, my dog Sammy Davis, Junior Junior (not a typo!). Oh, and hats.

What I want: More fashion designers in Second Life that make nice clothing for those of us that don't fit the skinny, eternally young avatar. Also... more hats. Many, MANY more hats. And I don't mean 2783 variations on what you can stick in the brim of a top hat. I mean huge, glorious physics-bending works of art for my head.

What I want you to know: Second Life is a world where anything and anyone can happen. Here one can sprout wings, suck blood, become a ferret in a tuxedo, or prematurely age to be a feisty old lady. You will meet people from all over the world who are alongside you in this adventure - and that is such a gift. Be nice to strangers and bring joy to those around you! Remember to have FUN and not take it all so seriously!

What a delightful person.  Do make sure you say hi if you see the Dame around the grid.  Now if only we could get Dame Edna Everage into SL I'm sure they'd have lots in common.  I sure see a resemblance.

Remember if you want to be on my couch, answer the questions above and send me some pics in world (1024 x 1024 max). 


  1. Oh love this! Dame Edith Ogleby is simple gorgeous! Fantastic post Cha and can't wait to read more :)) I agree with the Dame though the more hats the better!!!

  2. Very fun post. I like the idea of the interviews.