Friday, October 22, 2010

The End Of Fabulous Fashion With Angie Mornington. How Sad.

Chalice is very sad tonight with the breaking news that Fabulous Fashion, produced by Perfect World Productions, has taped its last show. Read here.

I was an avid fan of Angie Mornington and enjoyed seeing friends and SL residents I hadn't yet met feature on her show. The last episode presented by Kay Fairey has unearthed yet another side to Kay's already bulging repertoire of talents. Brilliant job Kay.

I realize that SL is an ever changing environment and that nothing is forever but I'm not quite ready to say bye bye to Fab Fashion.

Best of luck to Angie, Paisley and Bliss in your future endeavors. You are a group of women who have definitely made a dent in SL entertainment.

A tear.


  1. Thankyou Chalice. Im sure Angie will go on to greater things. She is still involved with as I am. Its time to change focus consolodate pare back and for me to find some RL work. Kids are getting older, needing school fees paid. And I don't need to stay at home as much. I loved Fab Fash, and it was an amazing journey for all of us. I'll really really miss it. And I thank all the fans the designers, and stylists and my team and especially Ms Angie who will always have a special place in my heart no matter what. We had some great times.
    regards Paisley

  2. Thank you for dropping by Paisley and leaving me a message. You are certainly an amazing talent who has forged a path through the SL media, particularly when it was in it's infancy. You have made way for others who will now take it in different directions.

    I have to say I remember a show you did a few years ago at the Boulevard of SL with Frolic as a guest. One of your darling children appeared to have a wee tantrum while you were in the middle of an interview. SL or RL, I defy any presenter to have handled it as calmly as you did. You were and are a trooper. Take care, love from Chalice.