Friday, April 23, 2010

Attack Of The Killer Tomoto

Talk about great minds! SL's resident Betty, Lizzie Lexington featured a gorgeous set of pics wearing clothes from Tomoto. About an hour before I read that, I had styled an outfit to blog also wearing something from Tomoto. I discovered that label on one of my shopping treks and thought I'd share one of the outfits I purchased from Tomoto's designer, Tomo Wachter. The outfit I'm wearing is called 'tricot fraise' and is a richly textured, floaty short and top set with matching bonnet.

My inspiration for this outfit was my darling friend Vixie Rayna who so, so kindly sent me a gift of shoes from LeeZu's Courtisane range called La Sauvage. These are something quite special and come in a stunning array of colors. Thank you Vixie - you are too kind and I love you big time.Today  I'm wearing the Mauve pair and the fringing is to die for.

Jumping on the Glam Affair style train with other discerning fashion lovers, I'm wearing the Sofia gift skin, a mystical and dramatic make up. Glam Affair are doing such great things, particularly in their clothing range, it's exciting to see what's next. The recently released 7 Elements collection is fab-tastic.

And of course, when you need big, sculptured hair, look no further than 3636 and dianny3636 Aeon. Perfect for photo shoots and runway work, these gems can take an outfit from zero to a hundred with a click.

And how about this sim eh? Isn't it gorgeous? It's called Land of Hope and it's AMAZING. Here's your TP and I'm sure you will have lots of fun there taking pics. The name of the place is ANNANURIKIBA-THE COCOON.

The business end:
Skin: Sofia (gift skin) from Glam Affair
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Big Grey by Nany Merlin
Hair: Kara in Red by 3636
Lashes: Snuggle by Ema's Secret
Top, Shorts and Hat: tricot fraise by Tomoto
Shoes: La Sauvage in Mauve by Courtisane
Nails: Wine by Petit Ange
Bag: Croissant Satchel in Magenta created by Pearlie Pedro (unfortunately MM is no longer available unless perhaps you ask nicely)
Necklace: Violet by tesoromio
Ring: Bloom from Flirt

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