Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chalice In Wonderland: It's Peaceful In SL

Happy Easter everyone. I've sent out strict instructions to my people not to give me any chocolate eggs this year.I don't need the calories and it will interfere with my get fit campaign so tomorrow I'll give the eggs out and try to stay strong.  I'm really hoping to walk the Kokoda Trail in New Guinea next year so need to work on my stamina.

I have a lot of wardrobe descriptions to write out at the moment and while I'm steadily working through them, I frequently get writers block when the words simply don't come for a particular outfit. The job is not boring but it can get tedious trying to be fresh and innovative so I usually plonk myself out by the pool on my Plush Pod lounge and every now and then, look to the water for inspiration. Yep it isn't real but setting WL to some gorgeous effect and seeing how my waves and the sky interact is just like watching a movie on TV. It gives your imagination a terrific starting point and when I set the sound effects it adds to the ambiance even more. Yep SL can definitely carry me away.

I often wonder if other people do this too when working away in SL. Having my own beautiful space has certainly added another dimension that I hadn't realized was missing. My place on Coral Isle is by far the best SL residence I have lived in and I feel such a connection to it because every single thing on it, I put there.

I don't usually like whining about SL issues because it's futile and people get sick of it, after all, everyone's in a similar boat. Since coming back around September last year, I've noticed a dramatic decline in performance that is seriously taking away from my enjoyment.  I honestly don't know how I'd go modeling again under these conditions.  I got through the entire marathon that was Miss Virtual World in 2009, only crashing when the sim went down in addition to many, many runway shows so know the PC is up to it.  These issues forced me to abandon land when I had paid a month up front because it was so laggy there.  I've never experienced anything so bad before.  Now I'm on an island that has a top server and few people yet it's still affecting me.  I asked around and others have also said they are suffering debilitating performance issues too.  I hope something changes soon because it's such a shame that things have deteriorated to this extent and I think how other people are finding it with computer's and internet connections not as powerful as mine.     

Here's me enjoying my island getaway while I get the job done. I only wish I could enjoy such beautiful surroundings in my RL work.

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  1. I too have noticed a decline in performance in the last few months. I suspect LL is not maintaining their network backbone like they should to keep up with demand or are relying on outsourced data centers where they have no control over the quality of the network. Just a thought.