Friday, April 2, 2010

Thrill Of The Hunt At House Of Fox.

Sorry no hunt here...move on.  It's just my witty title (not).

The amazing Fashionboi Landar, one of the owners of the House of Fox sent me over a few goodies and this is the first outfit I'll blog.  I'm a bit pushed for time as I have a big job on in SL that I must focus on but I did want to blog this store again because I enjoy conceptualizing their unique outfits into pictures. 

My time restrictions and the fact that SL is being a total shit at the moment, curtailed my creative desires somewhat; however, a quick trip over to Sic saw me take a few pics of the outfit called 'Hard Core Jacket' which I love. House of Fox also provided the dramatic skin and lashes for this shoot.  Do check the style card for links to the respective shops.  Click for bigger images.

The designers:
Hair: Tila in Golden Blond by 3636
Skin: Winter Wonderland Make Up by House of Fox
Lashes: Couture Lashes by House of Fox
Outfit: Hard Core Jacket (incl. pants and hat) by House of Fox
Earrings: Free Gift - Black Earrings by UnTone
Socks: Tabi Blossoms socks by Orchard Dreams (check with Emeriselle Theas re: sales)
Shoes: Opulance in White by Orchard Dreams (check with Emeriselle Theas re: sales)
Belt: Anya Satin Belt in Snow by (check with Roberta Beauchamp re: sales)

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