Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Life Ain't Always Black And White...But Today It Is

I have come to the realization that Chalice needs to dance more. I used to love going out with the girls dancing and listening to music. I dug deep and found my Huddles EZ Animator Hud and running through my dances, I just went blah. Old, boring and done to death. It definitely needed an update so decided to see what was out there beyond my old haunts. Early in my search I found Studio 4D Dance Animations and I really liked them so purchased a few...ok a lot. The mix of old and new wasn't working for me so I dumped the old one's and my hud is filled with all my newies. I went off to GOL to test them out and threw on this concoction of pieces that I really do like as a wacky combo.

I headed over to a sim called Innsmouth, a New England Coastal Town abandoned in the 1930's. It's dark, moody and has infinite possibilities for pics.

I do have a penchant for looking like an angel but dressing like a devil. While I love elegant, I do have this weakness for taking my look to the nth degree and seeing how far I can go. I have to say that technically, this skirt is probably one of the most skilled pieces of prim work I've seen. Unfortunately I tried to find the shop again, Susie's, but the sim isn't accepting visitors. It was created by a Japanese designer named Asuka Reinard and if the doors are indeed shut, that's a shame. I know this skirt isn't everyone's cuppa but mark my words, it moves beautifully and fits so well. Clap for Asuka.

Skin: Elle in Fair Make Up #11 by Belleza
Hair: Moon in Natural Blond by Maitreya
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Blue #4 by Nany Merlin
Top,Shoulder Treatment & Gloves: Darken Bliss (part of formal gown) from Phoenix Rising
Skirt: Rock Check designed by Asuka Reinard (sadly no LM)
Tights: Switch by Barbee (designer natsu Serevi). No longer operating
Shoes: Salience by Maitreya Gold
Hair Flower: Poppy by Elegance Hats
Rings: Broadway Star Cocktail Rings by Magpie


  1. This outfit is ADORABLE. Omg GOL - I almost worked there as a stripper back in the day! They do from time to time have a good electronic dj. I need to revisit GOL - haven't been there for a while!

  2. If only life was really black and white--would have been much easier for a simpleton like me *sigh* Great pics btw, I thought it was formal till I saw the rest of the pics LOL! Unusual get up, but definitely interesting!! I should try it some day!