Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Love Green Hair And Beads

I love these beads from Tik Tok.  Quite often I purchase a necklace and it never sits right even after a fair amount of tweaking.  These beads created by Miah McAuley sit beautifully.  This is the Black Pearl set and comes with various sizes and attachment points.  Miah certainly nailed the position and construction of these beads.

This hair is huge and full of flowers.  Created by dianny3636 Aeon from 3636 called Gardenia Green, its choc full of tulips and gardenia's and provides maximum impact when you want to stand out because the hair arrives 2 hours before you do.

Another plug for my new favorite skin Elle by Belleza.  I really love the lip texture on this...the shading is so well done.

I dropped by Ema's Secret also and tried on these lashes called Smuggle.  They were so great I had to have them.  Minimal tampering was required which I love :-)

When I was modeling for Dae of Elegance 5 wrinkles ago, the model manager told us we had to spend hours getting our lashes right.  I spent an inordinate number of hours on my pose stand swearing like a fish wife only to find I didn't quite have the dexterity, sensitivity or patience to do it. So these days anything that nearly fits and only requires a shift here or there is good enough for me.

PS:  A message came through the BOSL group that Linden security may have been compromised in respect to SL and XStreet passwords suggesting that if you haven't changed your password recently you may wish to do so.  Better to be safe than sorry so think about changing it just in case.

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