Sunday, April 25, 2010

Breaking News....Blondes Banned In SL

Scenes of outrage as Linden's ban all blond hair from SL.

....except for me.  I'm so sorry to all the blonds in SL.  It seems that I'm the only person been given exemption from this new Linden Law and I feel just terrible about it.  Absolutely sick to my stomach.  So if you could all refrain from wearing any variation of blond hair by tomorrow, I'm sure the Linden's would appreciate your compliance without having to resort to accessing your respective inventory's and taking it by force.  This includes bleach blond, beach blond, peroxide blond, sandy blond, strawberry blond, platinum blond, ash, gold, natural and anything blond from Truth.  Oh and also white blond which will be a bummer for poor Frolic Mills. I do believe they'll be allowing shades of grey but I can't be sure.  Please don't be hating on me as I sashay down the SL streets showing off  wearing my golden locks.  I'll try and be discreet but when Thursday hits and Truthie releases his new hair, only I can buy the blond pack so please, no rushing the stands.  

On another note, I remembered a dress in my inventory that I just love.  This was my choice from the House of Rfyre for one of the Miss Virtual World 2009 competitions.  It is one of the most superbly textured pieces of clothing that I own and like all of Raven's clothing, fits together like a jigsaw.  Called the Halcyon in the most remarkable turquoise color, it's stunning I'm sure you'll agree.  Look at me running around and everything just stays in place.

Hey Vixie, I'm wearing the Courtisane La Sauvage shoes you gave me in Ocean. My god I love them.

Hair: Eclat blond hair base by LeLutka
Skin: Eclat Make Up #4 in Light tone by LeLutka
Hair: Eclat Hair #1 style by LeLutka

Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Blue #4 by Nany Merlin
Dress: Halcyon by House of Rfyre
Hair decoration: Designed by Doler Matova
Shoes: La Sauvage in Ocean color designed by Enktan Gully for LeeZu'sCourtisane
Earrings: Magic in Black by Tik Tok

If you get to the bottom of this, can anyone tell me if they are having trouble using SLURL's???? Thanks


  1. Nice post :D I guess I have to go bald eheheh And about the slurls, I'm not having any trouble... so far...
    Gabi Fitzgerald

  2. Thank you Gabi xxx

    Must be just me...I can't slurl :-(