Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Orange Krush With A Dose Of Flu

Pass me the tissues and rub my chest with vapor rub (insert brand name common to your country), I'm sick. Too sick to go to work and not wishing to share my germs with everyone, I stayed in bed and woke at 12pm.

Anyway (sniff, sniff) I thought I'd get up for a bit and post these pics I took yesterday. I picked this little orange treasure up from the Glam Affair 10L sale. I thought this would make me stand out on the dance floor and partial to anything orange, I snapped it up. The beautiful Shyayn Lusch, Miss "Shag" herself and the creator of The Digital Doll blog, sent me copies of her new Stoned Love Crystal Jewelery Sets. Absolutely brilliant they are. Not only is there a color to match every outfit, the pieces fit like a glove. There's a choice of big and giant earrings and necklace with matching ring. If you haven't been to her shop Shag, you absolutely must. You haven't decorated until you do.

To me, this outfit has a certain kitschy appeal that I'm rather partial to and if I was a roller derby babe, this is the outfit I'd wear.  My performance name would be "The Orange Krush".

These pis were taken at a gorgeous sim called Heaven's Lake. Unfortunately I didn't have time to explore and basically these were taken close to the landing spot but I encourage you to take a look. It was lovely and with your WL magic, could produce some stunning photo's.

Hair: Emerald (after our very own Emerald Wynn) in Swedish by Truth
Skin: Elle in Fair Make Up #9 by Belleza
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Blue #4 by Nany Merlin
Lashes: Smuggle by Ema's Secret
Top, pants and gloves: Yolo Orange by Glam Affair
Boots: Bloom in Black by Maitreya
Leg tattoo: From JahSoul
Hair decoration: Spiderweb Geisha (color modified by me) designed by Valryn Vandeverre
Earrings/necklace: Stoned Love Crystal Jewelery Set in Sunkissed by Shag
Bracelets: Sugar Copper Gem Bangles by Fresh Baked Coods

Please excuse the fact that there are no links. SL was behaving badly again and I couldn't load them.

ATCHOO...sorry about your screen.


  1. Aw. *hugs you* I hope you feel better. ♥

    Only a rare kind of women can rock that much orange and not look like a Halloween party waiting to happen. You look stunning - bravo!

  2. Ha thank you gorgeous Em xx

    See I know that about Halloween from SL and the blogs only I haven't seen it personally in RL so my association with orange is devoid of pumpkins and that Candy Corn stuff lol.

    Did you know Candy Corn is 3.75 calories per kernel?

    I'm feeling great thanks for asking sweetness...husband just made me an alcoholic drink saying I need to feed my flu. Feed it? I've forgotten I have it.