Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Put The Tart In Tartan

Want to have a fling with me?  Highland Fling that is.  I bring you an unorthodox look that came about when I found these unusual tights by Karla Marama from Pritty.  I spotted them on the ZombiPopCorn Hunt and being an avid collector of various forms of hosiery (such a quaint word), I thought these were quite different.  Great job Ms Marama.

I immediately went for Creamshop's Grey Tartan Waist-cloth with adorable waist band holding tassel's and giant metal anchor. I love the fringing on this piece and the asymmetrical hem sexes it up a bit.

So as not to flash more than I need downstairs, I found some black glitch pants from another outfit that resembled shorts and teamed it with a long sleeve classic cardigan from Ibizarre.

I found this lovely Victorian Choker designed by Siyu Suen from Illusions. In her profile she says she designs 'masks and pretty things' and this lovely piece proves that she does. I added Maitreya Gold Espirit heels in black and one of Truth's treasures, Valerie in the Swedish tone. Who loves ya baby??

I did particularly want to again thank Mr Tricky Boucher, the life force behind Belleza Skins. Not only has he consistently produced amazing skins, he was very kind to me this week and in my brief conversation with him, I discovered a humble, generous person who appears to get such joy out of his work and from continually improving his skills and his product. In all honesty, Belleza and the Belle line was the first skin in SL that I put on and felt that every single inch of it from head to toe was quality and just seemed to work for Chalice. So Tricky, thank you.  I'm wearing Elle (of course) in Fair Make Up # 11.

I have an overwhelming need to poke you all.


  1. Oh - I *REALLY* love that outfit - Bravo! The skirt is truly cool. And those tights - I need them.

    I love the store Illusions. There truly are some fabulous pieces there. I discovered that store at last year's Jewelry Expo - I'm wearing their set of vines jewelry (I suck - can't remember the name) in my Lost post. So many people asked me where I got them. So hats off to Siyu. Her work is quality!

  2. . . . I just want to say the word "truly" one more time:


    Well, actually I guess that was two more times. :-\

  3. Awww I'm so glad you loved the outfit but do you love it truly, madly, deeply??

    Great to see you're ok Miss Em. xxx