Saturday, April 17, 2010

Back, Crack and Flap - My Ecclectic Thoughts

Pardon my back but I'm sitting at my desk thumping out another post after finally completing my job with AVENUE for the La Dolce Vita Fashion Show being held at AVENUE at GOL on Saturday 17th 1PM.  You all know AVENUE do it better so go and see some wonderful Italian inspired fashion and enjoy the after show party in the A Lounge.  Rusch, Jesika and the gang never disappoint.

I've started the ZombiPopcorn Hunt and must say I'm having fun.  Have you ever started a hunt at the same time as other people you don't know?  I have and I seem to get into this unspoken competition mode where I start racing the others without them knowing.  But I think they're also trying to race me too.  We stalk around the shops trying to covertly click on the popcorn trying not to attract's so funny.  Anyway I mucked up the hints.  I skipped a hint at LeeZu's so thought I was looking for furniture.  When we all landed together, I laughed like Snidely Whiplash when they all took off toward the main store while I hung back and flew to LeeZu's furniture shop.  I thought the hint was Furniture Matters so I was positive I'd find it in the shop.  I looked absolutely everywhere and eventually checked the note card again only to find the hint was actually Hold My Hand.  By the time I realized this and feeling embarrassed, I limped into LeeZu's main shop to find they'd all gone. 

Now on to the crack part of my post.  I was always told crack was bad for you but it seems in SL it's everywhere.  Around every corner, in every shop I stumble across crack in all it's forms and I seriously fear for the future of those of you who succumb to its lure.   Being the good SLitizen I am, I felt compelled to document its insidious grasp on so many of our residents hoping that there is some form of support group where you can slowly, slowly raise your pants to a healthy level.  You might note from the pictures I managed to take that some people are forgetting to dress when they go out.  Some are even wearing their reproductive organs on the outside of their clothes.  Oh God spare us all.
Coming to a close, I felt the need to vent my dislike for the dress flap.  You know the one.  That little piece of mostly ill-fitting texture that fills in the gap between the thighs.  If the dress is black and it's well done, its not so bad but I've always wondered why some look okay and others are downright terrible.  I'm sure other people aren't fond of it either so is there any way to improve the FLAP?  I say FIX THE FLAP.  Of course I can't fix it, I can barely put on my lashes.

See, my flap is very noticeable.  I'm wearing a new release skin designed by Miah McAuley from Tik Tok called Lola in the pale shade.  The skin is called Bad Date and I simply love the name given I've come home looking just like this when dates have gone wrong.  Miah is working extremely hard and is improving her product with each release.  I will be talking to Miah about the possibility of her perhaps working on an even lighter skin tone for those of you who like their skin more translucent.  I haven't tried on the other tones essentially because I stay with the one shade.  I would encourage you all to go try on some of Miah's demo's.  

Okay, enough already.  I'm off for a swim.

Don't look too close.  I need a wax.

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