Friday, June 4, 2010

An Affair With The Chair

Right now the RL me has a pimple the size of Mt Vesuvius on her face and she ain't happy. Funny how I never had pimple's in my teens and now, the mother of all of them decides to make an appearance. To squeeze or not to squeeze, that is the question? Perhaps it was that piece of Creme Brulee fudge I had yesterday.

Now Glam Affair has installed a Lucky Chair in their VIP room for member's of the group. I went there two days ago and found another 'C' person in residence near the chair and she looked like she meant business so I decided not to shame her with my lighting fast trigger finger and TP'd home thinking I would take it on another day. Yesterday I returned and it wasn't long before the chair decided to pay out for me with this outfit called Malaika. I prefer to wear little dresses with pants so added a pair of white leggings from to spice it up.

I couldn't wait to show you my new Posh hair called Naive in the color Sunflower. SL resident Naive Fall? Is this named after you??? I do love the bowler hat and pompadour style that allows the face to feature and thought my new Butterfly Magic eye decoration from Glow Studio would be perfect.

These Warhol inspired chairs and table were created and given by Frolic Mills in celebration of his recent rezz day. I do love them Frolic and wanted to give them an airing on my blog because I didn't realize you could actually make things too. Thank you Fro...I do really love them. I always wanted to sit my ass on James Dean. No-one, not even me however is allowed to put their derriere on MJ. RIP darling man.

I have been reading a few stories and comments lately on the topic of FREEBIES. I'd just like to say that like RL shopping, I usually have to look at a lot of stuff before I find something that I want/like/need. I don't walk into shops and find everything in there to my taste and/or quality. Hunts and freebies are like that too. Not everything given out will be for you. Designers/creators who graciously give things away for free should not be ripped apart if it's not up to your standard and likewise, you are not entitled to anything. So to those of you whingers who bang on about what you think you deserve, develop a bit of class. To those designers who take the time to give away your wares as a gift, thank you.

Shopping List:

Skin: Eclat Pale Make Up 7 by LeLutka
Eye decoration: Butterfly Magic by Glow Studio
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Big Grey by Nany Merlin
Hair: Naive in Sunflower by Posh
Nails: Sakurapink by Petit Ange
Top: Malaika from Glam Affair (Lucky Chair Prize)
Pants: Basic White leggings by
Shoes: Allure by Maitreya Gold
Earrings: Berlioz Sky by DeLa
Bangle: Metallic Tre Bangles by Armidi Gisaci
Watch: DeVille Ladies Watch by Francis Chung

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