Saturday, June 12, 2010

Please Let Me Raise My Pants

Chalice is as tall as can be and often struggles with non-modify pants.

I found three examples in my inventory to support my dilemma when it comes to skirts and sometimes dresses. I assume its because I am so tall that with non-mod pants that I can't make shorter, the skirt/dress prims aren't long enough to cover the pants. In most instances, I can't lower the skirt enough to rectify the problem. I'm sure others are in the same boat so can I ask designers to consider making glitch pants modifiable so that your gorgeous outfits look their best and don't have pants hanging below the hems? I have quite a few outfits I just can't wear because of this which is a shame.


  1. I make everything modifyable, and if it's not, cos I forgot or had some idea it shouldn't be I am very happy to make a mod version, it's silly not too.

  2. Summer DeadlightJune 12, 2010 at 9:13 AM

    I have the same problem but I'm short and smaller, so I'm endlessly modifying (if I can) skirts and belts to fit my smaller frame. When its no mod, the designers usually only let you adjust down so far before you can't go further.

    Which is still not small enough for me, so I sometimes feel like I have a hula hoop around my waist and I just wasted lindens buying something. The scripting isn't so bad but very hard to adjust prim by prim if necessary.

    As for my tall model shape, I do run into this problem as well. So the designers should consider both tall, large, small, petite frames when thinking about their customers too in my opinion!

    Great post! :D

  3. I run into the same problem as Summer. I'm extremely petite and am forever modifying prim items and glitch counterparts to make them look right. Its frustrating to get a prim skirt or pant part that is no mod and it hangs way too long or pokes out in funny places when i walk or sit because its just too big.

    Even those items that have script resizers don't always work properly. I am short but wider hips, i'm not a stick. So i need it just shorter, not smaller all the way around.