Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm In An *elymode* State Of Mind

What can I say about Elysium Eilde? She's one of the people who have made SL more beautiful in lots of different ways. Her penguin promoter walking around Second Look Studio, her photography studio, once had a label on his head saying "Ely is a genius". Guess what?  He was absolutely right. She has taken some of the best photographs in SL, produced some of the most inspired fashion shows among other things and is now a fashion designer of note. Her designs are of the utmost quality and her artistic skills are blatantly obvious when you take a close look at her pieces.

Ely, aka as *elymode*, sent me a blogger pack of these two dresses called Danaini in both Lilac and Gold. Feast your eyes on the amazing color and textures of these dresses. Beautiful Ely, just stunning.

I probably should have shown these in a summer, beach setting but the luminous colors and gossamer silky material led me to the fantasy forest and next thing, I had wings on.

You simply must go to *elymode* and indulge in exceptional quality textures and well cut pieces that will become wardrobe staples.

Hair in both shots from Truth.
Skin in both shots from Belliza.
Shoes in both shots from Maitreya Gold.
Dresses from *elymode*
Wings created by Jen Shikami


  1. You know I LOVE that you paired these with wings, I always prefer the unexpected! Thanks for blogging my stuff Cha Cha... I was so excited when I noticed these on flickr.

    oh by the way, The Second Look Studio promo penguin who went around telling everyone I am a genius... he might be overstating, just a lil' (funny how something that embarrassed me so long ago STILL makes me blush today!)

  2. No penguin was spot on and I love that you still blush. It was so funny seeing him stomp around the studio.

    My pleasure darling E. These dresses are total stunners. xx