Saturday, June 5, 2010

Maitreya Or Bust?? Well Here's Both.

I've died and gone to heaven. It was love at first sight and not even a dwindling bank balance could keep me away from a fat pack.

Onyx has done it AGAIN with the new release of Aequus. These newest stars in the Maitreya Gold range are simply stunning and worth every last cent of $7,900L for 15 color options. Stylish is the order of the day and like the Allure range, feature a zip at the heel. Unlike Allure, these are quite simple where the stunning prim foot get's to shine. With a clever ankle wrap under the straps, the SL foot has NEVER, EVER been as beautiful.

Please excuse my, shall we say, minimalist styling for this post. I just didn't want to take anything away from my second favorite shoe in SL. My first being Salience also from Maitreya Gold.

Between LeLutka's Eclat Skin and Maitreya's heels, I'm loving myself sick.  Earrings by Shag btw.

P.S. If you see me scrounging for scraps along with the seagulls, throw me a chip will you? Be back soon with some more SL treasures.

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