Saturday, June 19, 2010

Catch Up With Chalice


Well my little darlings I'm back. What you say? Didn't know you'd gone? Don't be so cheeky.

My short hiatus commenced as above. Sitting in my living room recently, that whiny annoying, pain in the ass inner voice of mine said, 'You need a change of living space'. 'Oh God not again' screamed my logical voice of reason.  While I love, adore, idolize my NotSoBad Dubai house I knew resistance was futile. I took off trawling the grid for a new home. I am the Imelda Marcos of Pre-Fabs and I'll do it again, mark my words. This post is an eclectic collection of drivel so don't scowl, scroll, if you don't want to read.

I've been everywhere man. I have scoured the length and breadth of SL and poured over the Lifestyle Blogs to see what floated my boat. I do this every time I create a new space, I'm possessed and maniacal until I finish it.

In the end I chose the Beach House designed by tunes Meness from 2Xtreme. I visited it quite some time ago and recalled how the earthiness of it resonated with me. While I drooled over many houses, it was this one I want to live in this week (oh God make it longer than a week-I'm exhausted). I will do a pictorial of my new space when I have the time. Here I am on this amazing meditation pillow from the beautiful mind of Isolahara Catteneo, genius of Mudshake. Go there's illustrious.  You can see a bit of my Beach House in the background.

Can you tell I'm in a zen place?

Seriously, who would think to make a girly coffin to chillax in? Isolahara that's who? It's got everything a girl could want and an ash tray for my sly ciggie.  Ok so the coffin is a bit short for the Cha but you can't have everything in one little box.

Seriously, do not disturb?  Can it get any better.

I then took a ride to Mudhoney and love is an understatement. Looking at all the loveliness, I stumbled upon this little box that was full of furniture. I do believe the extraordinary Ms Rayvn Hynes has developed little themed photography boxes. I will check this out later but popped in the Shabby Chic room for a photo as you can see below.  If I am incorrect I do apologize but I did see a range of theme's to choose from in vendor posters and this is such a great idea for ppl with little space.

As you can see, I haven't changed my clothes for 3 days but it's okay because these little Pantaloon inspired shorts are part of the The Niven Collection MonoChrome II-Autoro White designed by my favorite designer, Scarlett Niven. The entire outfit is a gem and I seriously don't wish to live my life out of these shorts.  A walk through The Niven Collection Boutique tells you that Scarlett has an amazing grasp of fashion.  When I wear her pieces, I always think RL and that is what lifts her above many in the game, the game being SL fashion.

My friend, darling Vixie dropped over for a look at my efforts and we chatted like we always do.

Vix n me.  See I still won't take them off even with my thongs.

Thongs:  A summer staple that cuts across race, religion, sex, style and social status, the almighty thong is one of the world's great levelers  -  By Chris Sheedy

I have neglected my darling Truth Hawkes. Mr Truth doesn't know me at all but I do call him my darling because he makes my hair stand on end. I haven't had a Truth shop-a-thon for a few weeks so headed there to snap up my favorites but what I snapped was this shot. I must say I'm not very impressed with this do. Me thinks the dog must have gone a round with this one Truth.  Or perhaps this man and/or pygmy brought it elsewhere?  Yeah that's it...Truth would never use such cheap shampoo.

Now I have a very special treat for you coming soon.  One of my most favorite lifestyle creators, Ms Froukje Hoorenbeek from Furniture and Houses by Dutchie has designed something very special and I'll be featuring it in Chalice In Wonderland just prior to it's release.  OMG I'm excited.  Stay tuned.  You'll love it.


  1. Gorgeous new place Cha.. going to have to come for a visit and a cuppa ;)

  2. Absolutely sweetie. Now this is how dumb I am. I was about to fill in my form to have the SL Home Lifestyle lady (that would be you) come in and see if my digs were good enough for her amazing blog but then I go change it all. A few more days will see me ready for an inspection to see if Chateau de Chalice is up to standard lol. Jennaa your blog is fabulous and has helped me so much in my search for stuff. Keep up the amazing work.

  3. wow you must have seen my house..i bought your same beach house about 2 months ago and I adore serene and lightly-JeanGenie