Monday, June 28, 2010

Burberry By The Beach

I love a bit of Burberry. In fact, I love anything with berry in it. Here I am in my kitchen about to cook some coffee. I mean I'm a modern independent, high achieving, self-sufficient kind of girl and I do for myself. I can cook, clean and keep my beach retreat looking spick. So what if my culinary skills stretch to coffee and toast. At least I dress like I mean business.

I really like this combo taken from a little bit of this and that.

See those pots down there? I take great pride in the fact that they've never been used and are still as shiny as the day I brought them. Those cook books in the background from Dutchie are there for show too. I only ever read fashion mags.

And that sink? Well it's there for decoration really and glistens like the Krupp diamond. Why waste water when I can just throw my plates out and return to Lapointe & Bastchild Designs for more. You see I am instrumental in keeping the SL economy going. Ta Ta.

Ze bitz 'n' bobz:

Le Skin: Elle Pale in Make Up 7 by Belleza
Le Hair: Larissa in Swedish by Truth
Le Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Big Grey by Nany Merlin
Le Top & gloves: From Praha outfit designed by Beauty Avatar
Le Pants: Seaman pants in Pitch by Boom
Le Shoes: Aequus in Red by Maitreya Gold
Le Hat: Alley by Tesla
Le Earrings: Pearl Flower & Heart by CentoPallini

Now I am absolutely loving the Viewer 2.1 Beta. I am so confused about why 1.23 crashed all the time, Emerald looses my inventory and viewer 2 seemed to give me graphic glitches. This Beta version is da bomb for me. We have just clicked and I'm really enjoying SL like I haven't experienced in ages.

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