Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Have A Secret...Shhhhhhh. Simay Creations.

I love discovering new finds, places that I haven't seen before. Over a month ago I had one such find...that being Simay Creations. The designer is silvia Mayo and she has created three separate Simay entities, Simay Fashion, Simay Furniture and Simay House and Furniture.

My first introduction was her fashion label and I was bowled over by her style and ability to replicate a range of what appears to be RL wearable fashion in SL.  Walk through the boutique and everything is presented in it's entirety.  By that I mean she gives the shopper an entire look from hat's to jewelery to shoes and bags styling each outfit to perfection.

Please click pics for a larger more detailed view. I'm trying to keep my pics smaller on the feeds but with a click, you can see them much bigger.

I haven't been as thrilled with discovering a collection of this quality for some time and I simply could have purchased the entire shop.  I had my eye on this outfit for a while and wanted to present this in my blog as an example of a Simay Creation.  This is called 'Dark Zebra' incorporating the hat, jacket, scarf and gorgeous skirt. Silvia has a wonderful, wonderful eye for fashion and her pieces are unique and quite unlike what you see around everyday.  I purchased some boots that I will create an outfit around in the near future and I was so thrilled with them.  I swear I haven't seen anything like them.

I find her designs sophisticated, unique and very realistic in terms of material, texture, cut and flow. I just can't wait to explore more of her clothing and vast array of accessories for future LOTD. I'm sure many of you have had the pleasure of a Simay experience but still, it feels like my little secret.

And she wore:

Skin: Maeva Skin (Make Up #6) by Inaya Skins
Hair: Nimue in Natural Blond by Maitreya
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Big Grey by Nany Merlin
Nails: Black Manicure from Caribe: Mount Pacoloco
Jacket/Skirt/Scarf/Hat: Black Zebra by Simay Creations
Boots: Bloom in Black by Maitreya

Shot at Nomas 2. This is a RP sim so please be respectful of the rules.

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