Monday, July 19, 2010

SOON TO BE RELEASED - Michelle Skin from Mayden Couture

I love to get the drum on new releases and last night I got just that. Ms Maika Koray, the designer behind Mayden Couture, sent me a review copy of the about to be released Michelle Skin. In the folder were two skin tones, one dark and one lighter. Unfortunately I haven't been able to contact Maika to confirm the names of the two tone's; however, I opted to show the lighter skin. I also don't have a date of release for this skin but if I can catch up with Maika I'll pass it on.

As I always do when I review something, I visited Mayden Couture to get a feel for the product and to cast my eye over the existing skin range. Mayden Couture was an impressive enterprise. The skins are beautifully presented in vendor posters and the clothing, shoe, eye, nail, hair range available ensures there is something for everyone. Definitely a one-stop-shop for fashion lovers.

Without further ado, let me introduce Michelle.

I think the face make up is just gorgeous and I'm particularly enamored by the lips and chiseled nose.

I love the shading on the tummy. Quite different in my opinion as the rib cage is prominent and gives the impression of a model think physique.

I am definitely going to be wearing this skin a LOT. It's very easy on the eye and I think it just pops out at you. I love the hip bones also although I haven't captured them in these shots. As always my advice is to take a trip to Mayden Couture and demo, demo, demo. I would like to congratulate Maika on a fabulous skin that was an absolute pleasure to present.

The stunning swimsuit I'm wearing is from Elymode, hair piece is from Vanity Hair, shoes from Maitreya Gold and the black hair base is from Tiny Bird.

I dunno.

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