Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm Old Money I'll Have You Know Kyoot.

Sometimes I just have to have an outfit so bad I click PAY without even bothering to look at the price. This was one of those times. I took myself off to Kyoot Army because I noticed in the feeds they were selling furniture/home ware pieces and went for a sticky. I saw this across the room and went, 'that's mine' Ask me why I love it and I all I can tell you is it's my kind of dress. It's unexpected. It doesn't conform. It tells me a story. The woman who wears this dress is smart, tailored yet is so self assured she mixes colors and styles without a thought of playing it safe.  The dress is called New Money but I like to think Chalice is old money.  One who doesn't need to impress with the latest who makes the trends as they go along.  Ok I'm in fantasy la la land but it's my SL so I can pretend all I want.

This is a really well made set and I'm so impressed with the skirt. It fits like a glove wearing my skinny hip shape (read skirt shape) and I can't see any stretching or splitting of the material. The hat is a bonus and comes with the dress...I just love this whole look.

I purchased this bag from Stitch by Stitch. I had a little spree in Seven's shop yesterday so will be presenting some more SbyS action soon. I couldn't resist hopping back into my Allure shoes by Maitreya. Skin and hair by LeLutka and jewelery by JCNY.

I had some fun the other day judging a round of Miss Virtual World 2011. Sitting there camming in to see the contestants close up, I was struck by how much work these ladies had put into their appearance. It was mind blowing and all I can say is I would hate to be judging the finalists on the night...way too hard and stressful. From what I have seen, the standard is incredibly high and those of you who made it through to the live auditions deserve a gigantic round of applause because every girl I saw looked utterly amazing. Don't worry about looked AMAZING.

I took a walk around Alberto (Select Girls Shopping Mall) yesterday. WOW it's huge and I couldn't get over the set up of this sim. To the shop owners, builders/designers and managers of this shopping district, brilliant work.

Until next time, be beautiful inside.


  1. I love the way this outfit came out...the red, brown and blue look awesome together.

    Thank you for reminding me that I have that dress in my inventory somewhere...I think it is bright yellow with a pink belt. I will have to dig it out <3

  2. Thanks Sophia. Yes get it out of the cupboard and wear it proudly. :-))) hugs xx

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