Friday, July 16, 2010

LeeZu's Runway Runaway.

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Am I the most beautiful wearing LeeZu of all?? Well you can't help but be beautiful in her fabulous frocks.

I dropped by LeeZu's GOL store the other day and saw this outfit from her Noir range. I just loved the lines. Simple but with a huge kick in the ass impact. It was a perfect chance to wear my new Boon hair called XFE275. I adore this hair so much and thank you boo Nakamura for dreaming it up.

I wanted to present this dress called Moonlight on the runway because that sprung to mind the minute I tried it on. Maitreya's Salience Heels were the only one's I thought of to pair with this dress....I love the fusion of these two designers in this ensemble.

Moonlight features gorgeous inlaid sequins that glisten as you glide. The deep split of the short skirt amps up the sexiness of this little black dress if that is at all possible. I love how the modest Victorian collar sits atop of the sheer bodice with a hint of nipple peeking through. Brilliant LeeZu, just brilliant.  I went minimalist with jewelery just wearing my Broadway Star Cocktail rings from Magpie and one earring, the limited edition Black Diamond from 24 Shoo Shoes.  I found a little veil that I thought would just finish it off.  Voila...I'm ready for the show.

Hair: XFE275 in Blonde from Boon
Skin: Elle from Belleza
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Gray from Nany Merlin
Dress: Moonlight by LeeZu
Shoes: Salience Heels by Maitreya
Veil: Lace Face Veil from Mika
Rings: Broadway Star Cocktail Rings from Magpie
Earring: Black Diamond (Limited Edition) from 24 Shoo Shoes

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