Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I've Been Stylissimo'd And I Like It.

Click the pics for an eye full.

I went shopping at Stylissimo at GOL and found a gorgeous looking shop with fabulous displays. Of course I wanted everything but I fell in love with this outfit called "Long Fly Home". Living in Australia, almost wherever I go it's a long, long flight home and I wouldn't mind wearing this on the plane. Until of course I slip into my first class sleeper suit.

Being partial to tartan, kilts and men in kilts, this is my preferred look if I were being interviewed for 'Country Life Magazine' showing them around my big castle. Unfortunately I didn't get any further than the BonBon sim. A lovely little spot for snaps...soft light, great textures and buildings designed by one of my favorites, Yacchan Clip. Do go see his shop, 'Y's House, at the Creator's Pavilion.

The Look:

Hair: BAB853 from Boon
Skin: Elle in Fair Tone (Make up 11) by Belleza

Face Tattoo: Men's Grand Opening Gift by Tattanooga
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Gray by Nany Merlin
Pants/Shirt/Braces: The Long Fly Home from Stylissimo
Hair Accessory: Taken from Rose Hair by Truth
Necklace: Hannya Necklace in Black by Mandala
Shoes: Natasha Tartan by Kookie
Anklets: From Maitreya in Antique
Earrings: From UnTone (no longer available)created by Cocomitsu Mayo
Gloves: Jill's Fighting Talk gloves at LeLutka


  1. Hello Chalice, ty so much for link me, and congrats for your work. I love specially the first photo on this post. Is really catching-eye ;)


  2. TY are very welcome & thanks for your kind words :-) I love your blog. xxx big huge hugs