Friday, July 30, 2010

Impossible Cross Earrings from BEHOLD Designs. EnCore Made Them Possible.

One of my 12 special women I chose to send the '12 Women' note card to that is currently doing the rounds, EnCore Mayne has been designing things in SL for quite some time. From pogo sticks to jewelery and everything in between, I am constantly amazed at her knowledge and love her uniqueness. She displays her creations at BEHOLD Designs in Choerom or purchase from Xstreetsl.

EnCore sent me these unreal earrings called Impossible Cross. I was thrilled and the second I put them on and cammed in, I knew these were something very, very special. Delicate, simple and restrained, I could see immediately how technically skilled the design of these earrings is. I have a feeling, like in many of her pieces, some blood, sweat and tears may have been spilled in bringing them to fruition. I'm waiting for the right outfit to showcase one of her costume jewelery pieces that I know must have been a mare to make.

Look. Just look at that. One cross magically suspended in front of the other. I just love them EnCore and these will become my everyday earrings that Cha wears knowing that they were created with such care and attention.

In my hurry to share these, I'm not sure if EnCore has them up yet but do have a visit to BEHOLD Designs. She does awesome poses too. I'm not sure how busy EnCore is but she would be the one to go to if you wanted to commission some special, bespoke poses. Thank you sweetie for these and for being one of my 12 important women in SL.

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