Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Niven Edge.

Are you having a beautiful week? I am. Despite seriously struggling with my doggie's terminal illness, I am immersing myself in her loveliness and making each moment count. I am her human mother and she is my canine baby...we love each other beyond words and this is what drives me to put her first. To do the right thing when its required and to hold her in my arms at home when it comes time to call the vet and send her to doggie Heaven wrapped in my love.

That said, I wanted to put together some Niven magic centered around the Niven Wing Lash and Geisha Lip tattoo layer. This whole tattoo phenomena available in Viewer 2 has opened up a new world of fashion styling to me and I love it. To be able to meld a Belleza body with a Niven face (or any combination) is simply wonderful.

I'm wearing pieces from the Niven's Monochrome Collection, the nautica top and Autoro shorts. I love the play on vertical and horizontal stripes that I followed through with the Ye Ye bag from Simay Creations introducing a hint of red.

In previous posts I mentioned my new find jewelery shop, Fairy Tale, thanks to Jennaa Loire's guest appearance on Fabulous Fashion, and here are some more pieces from this amazing designer. The ring and bracelets are group gifts and I fell in love with the Glasses Necklace, which like all their pieces, is intricately detailed. The earrings are just amazing too. Called Prayer Pierce, they are amazing to look at up close. xxxriexxx Serevi is the creative mastermind behind Fairy Tale and I hope you get yourselves over there for a look.

Again I'm wearing Kalnins Wonder shoes as I love them. I can't stop looking at the leather texture that gently folds over itself on the topside of the shoe. Opening up my extensive hat cupboard, I couldn't resist a little dress hat made by Kikis Homewood.

I particularly wanted to mention the setting for these pics. I visited Kyoot in Silent and was immediately taken with the amazing layout of this store. I ventured outside and found this scene.

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