Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's A Sign.

You all probably know about the Albero Summer Gatcha Festival running from 7th July to 11th August. If you don't, you do now.

I had a lot of fun Gatcha'ing and shopping. The gambler in me came out and I found myself clicking like crazy to get the items I wanted.  

Some of the many, many items I picked up were:
  • signs (Duck Soup
  • backyard tent with rug and cushions (arcade)
  • nerd flash racerback tank top (Sea Hole)
  • coffee cup (created by Cleom Bailey)
  • hair piece (miel)

    I think those signs are going to come in so handy for when I feel like a full-on protest about something. At uni, I became so carried away and militant at a protest rally re: student fees that I think I incited a near riot. When the press came (read local paper), just as they were clicking our photo, I put my protest sign in front of my face. No one knew until the article came out and while we were all pouring over the paper, everyone in chorus said "Where are you (insert RL me)?" Then they saw my shoes and followed them up until.....well you guessed it. I was a walking protest sign.

    Gentle request to Duck Soup - ahem...can you create a sign that is blank but you can add your own saying? Now that would be cool.


    1. LOL! I love these pics, especially the second one!

    2. Lmao !!!!!
      omg i want the up the butt one, Thanks for the early morning laugh.