Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lionskins Make Chalice Roar.

Lion Jonesford, skin designer and CEO of Lionskins has been transforming us into creatures of beauty for some time now and her recent skin line, Nova, is a testament to her immense and indisputable talents. You can't go past Lionskins for print and runway work because of the vivid, artistic make ups that come in a plethora of options to satisfy the most imaginative stylist. What is even more wonderful is the pairing of Tabata Jewell from Vanity Hair and Lionskins to create a skin/hair fusion so amazing that I ran right out of my NCore Cherie Passion Heels in my hurry to get it all on. Tabata has put together a selection of hair pieces made specifically for Lion's Nova range. What a thrill and advancement this is in hair/skin offerings and the moment I cammed back to view my outfit, I just smiled with a sense of satisfaction. SL is just going from strength to strength. Artistically that is, not fiscally.  The hair I'm wearing is China Temptation in Blond.

I found this wonderful Chantkare dress called Ascot at Applonia Criss' store at GOL that was on sale for $150L. Its divine and I chose this to wear with my new Lionskin/Vanity Hair purchase. A profusion of strong colors and almost Aztec in its pattern, I paired it with the Old Batik Indi bag from Baiastice. I think it works beautifully together.

You know I am a Simay devotee (see previous posts) and these earrings and necklace are called Gold and Coral. They are just so pretty and unlike some jewelery in SL that isn't so good in the flesh, these are even better than the vendor poster. Thank you Silvia Mayo (designer) for being so kind to me yesterday. Big hugs. I hope you have all gone for a visit to her store?  I promise you won't be disappointed.

As I said, I'm wearing my new NCore Cherie Xtreme Heels in Red Passion. I love the luster and worn feel of these shoes.

I finished off with my favorite watch, the Flight Compass from the wonderful Indyra Seigo from Indyra Originals. Now if you are lazy like me and prefer to shop than roost on a pose stand trying to align lashes, Tattanooga at Jador Fashion are selling a fat pack of mascara tattoo's. Five different styles for a mere $500L's and no crying over the pose stand. It paid for itself by not having to put money in the swear jar.

I'll be back with another Chantkare dress on special and a new Vanity Hair spectacular.


  1. You look fabulous - and I will have to check out Simay. They are new to me.

  2. Thanks Cajsa. Let me know what you think. xxx

  3. You look simply fabulous Cha... then again you always do. XoXo