Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kalnins The Wonder Shoes.

Wonder by Kalnins.

A big thank you to Maris Kanto, designer of Kalnins shoes and shades. Once again, Mr Kanto has shared his new release shoe with blogger's and this is one right out the shoe box. Appropriately called Wonder, I have entirely fallen in love with this smart strappy heel with excellent shading and delightful tootsies. What I adore about Kalnins' prim toed shoes is the easy to operate hud. I consider myself the perfect gauge for huds, because I am so challenged, if I can use it, anyone can.

I would just love this shoe in RL. Its stylish and really does look comfortable.

I wanted to bring out this lovely top to show you, beautifully designed by Fhara Acacia from Ricielli . I purchased this from The Dressing Room Blue as Ms Acacia is a member of this designers group who provide quality items at a discount. I couldn't go past this Batik Gold Bag from Baiastice. The skirt is from Cubic Effect, a buy from some time ago but I'm sure if they don't have this, there will be something similar.

Glasses: Rita by Mojoti
Hair: Emme from Truth
Skin: Elle from Belleza
Bracelets: Spiked Bracelets by Blitzed
Ring: Fairy Tale

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