Sunday, July 4, 2010

I'm So Excited And I Just Can't Hide It...Aimesi Skins

First of all, Happy 4th of July people of America. Big hugs.

I just couldn't wait to blog these skins. Couldn't wait I tell you. I have a job on at the moment but took a break to show you these. Mea Carnell, the designer at Aimesi selling skins, hair and fashion sent me a message asking if I would be interested in doing a wee story on one of her newly released skins, Leona. I took one look at the picture she sent and jumped at the chance. From that photo, the quality and Mea's obvious talent just oozed out at me and I wondered once again why I hadn't visited Aimesi before. Being the rock dweller that I am these days, sometimes the awesomeness of creators has to come to me unfortunately. Anyway these are some seriously brilliant skins. Brilliant enough to make me want to run back for fat packs in every style. No, I'm not that rich but I wanted to.

As I have said before, I personally would prefer to show skins somewhat differently to other wonderful skin reviewers. I not being one of the wonderful by the way. I will leave their level of critique to the initiated as I simply know what I love. And these I love!

Click for a bigger view but don't look at my boobs ok?  Promise?

Excuse the boobs but I love these nipples. ME LOVES MY NIPPLES. And I love the hands and the nails. I love the pouty and kissable. I love the bone structure of the nose and around the eyes. I'm a Leona girl and I'm not sorry.

Now I did a bit of research for this unlike my previous posts where I just show you the pics. I trotted along to Aimesi and found Leona in all her glory. There are three skin tones in this case, being Cashmere (the paler skin that I'm wearing in these snaps), Cream and Caramel. For a fat pack of 6 delicious make ups, you pay only $4000L or individually, they are $900. Exceptional for a skin of this quality in my opinion.

Please, please go and have a look see. I am giving these skins 5 nipples out of 5. Yes folks...I'm grading skins with nipples because they are very underrated part of the anatomy I feel.

I have put together the style card below but just wanted to give honorable mentions to my earrings from Simay Italian Fashion - my new favorite shop don't ya know, my dress from the amazing Casa Del Shai and this hair from Sugarcube. I have to particularly mention my eyes in these photo's. I am a serious Nany Merlin devotee of her Expressive Eyes but the darling designer at Avantgarda Creations, Rebeca Bashly, sent me the eyes you see above. I wore Blue, Inwoods and Swamp for this shoot and I must say they are fabulous. Really fabulous. So for the hard to please eye connoisseur, grab the cab and take them for a test drive. I think the white of the eye is just the most realistic color I have seen. Thank you Rebeca xx. You have got me out of my comfort eye and I'll be wearing these a lot.

Skin: Leona in Cashmere from Aimesi
Hair: Ketty Part Of Me Hair in Honey from Sugarcube
Eyes: From Avantgarda Creations
Earrings: Pois & Flowers Earrings by Simay Creations
Dress: La Capricclosa by Casa Del Shai
Shoes: Bare Gretta in Badseed Red by Stiletto Moody

I'd like to just take a moment to say this to other bloggers. I want you all to keep true to your blogging style. There is room enough for all of us and while we will individually have our detractors, I just love the variety and diversity we offer. I imagine you do this because you have something to say and as a means of expression...don't worry if the spelling isn't perfect or the pics aren't all that. I love you all just the way you are - make a good song that.

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