Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stop Yanking My Chains.

If you haven't been to The Dressing Room BLUE, a fabulous shop of discounted items from some of SL's most notable designers, you simply must. Along with other terrific items all sold below $70L's, I purchased this dress with belt called Chained Dress and Mega Earrings all made by [ glow ] studio. I don't wear white enough so thought I'd just present this outfit where chains feature heavily.

Yes that is a speeding train in the background but I can assure you no Chalice's were harmed in the taking of these shots.

I did also want to mention that I had a shop-a-thon at NCore. I'd never been there before but I recall people talking about their shoes. I must say I'm very impressed. These are called Infinity XTreme Heels and believe me they should come with a license to walk they're so fabulously high. I normally steer clear of white shoes because they can look a dirty gray color but I love these. With cool attachments you can add or remove and the ability to color change them, you get variety. The numerous NCore shoes with prim feet I purchased were between $595 and $695L's. Excellent value and oh so easy to operate.

I've mentioned before that I love dreadies and these are the ultimate I've seen in SL for blondes. From Boon, the BAB853 (give it a name please - I call it Chalice's Marley) is my new favorite hair and totally how I would love my hair to look in RL. I love the juxtaposition of a superbly beautiful girl with hair that makes you wonder how it got to be that way and keeps morphing into a different sculpture as it grows.

Hair: Chalice's Marley (correctly known as BAB853) from Boon
Skin: Elle in Fair (Make Up 4) by Belleza
Eyes: Expressive Eyes in Gray by Nany Merlin
Dress incl. belt and Earrings: Chained dress and Mega Earrings by [ glow ] studio Available at The Dressing Room BLUE

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