Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dready Or Not

Having dreads is one of my unfulfilled dreams but I know I will never follow it through. I just can't go the next step and get them done...I'm a chicken with my hair you see. So living vicariously through Chalice, I found an awesome dread do at Simay Creations complete with funky hair scarf. To me dreads evoke a grounded, earthy feel so I went for a look that was comfortable, casual and cotton perfect for browsing treasures at Les Puces in Paris.

I do rather love this dress called May that I recently picked up as a freebie gift from Flowerdreams Creations (LM below). Lots of color and the skirt part fits really well under the halter top. Again I'm wearing my new Mojoti eye wear, this one is called Rita comprising of lovely tortoiseshell rims in the style of Ray Bans. I teamed this with the Courtisane opening gift bag called Sacoche which I just love and hadn't worn before.

I do love an eclectic mix of textures, patterns and colors and this combination draws together seemingly unrelated pieces to create a variation on my hippie chic theme.

Where She Shopped:

Skin: Elle in Fair Make Up 3 by Belleza
Hair: Giadia Hair in Blond by Simay Creations
Nails: Natural Real Color nails in Gold by J's
Glasses: Rita by Mojoti
Dress: May by Flowerdreams Creations (Gift)
Shoes: Allure shoes with socks by Maitreya
Bag: Sacoche by Courtisane Gift.
Watch: Flight Compass by Indyra Originals
Earrings: Exotic by Tik Tok

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