Saturday, June 26, 2010

NEW RELEASE - Mind Your Business In The New Dutchie Office.

As promised, here is a new release from my favorite lifestyle designer, Ms Froukje Hoorenbee of Furniture & House by Dutchie.

If you value your personal SL environment, you will undoubtedly know this amazing brand simply by the name Dutchie. I unfortunately came across Froukje's amazing work quite late which is a terrible shame as I would have surrounded myself with her brand of wonderful much earlier. Anyway, Froukje and I spoke last week and she shared with me her new amazing creation, The Dutchie Office made as a sky box. Please feast your eyes on the pictures and forgive me my rather heavy use of photo's in this post but when you find something like this, you must give it all the fan fare you can muster.

I really wanted to capture the incredible detailing of the build and dressings of this quality structure. It is being released this weekend so do make sure you drop in and see it for yourself. The prim usage, both unfurnished and furnished is very conservative so you have no excuse for not taking care of business.

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