Monday, June 7, 2010

Introducing alaskametro Skin

I love blogging. A couple of days ago Alaska Metropolitan dropped me a folder of her new skins with the brand name of alaskametro and an invitation to her launch party on June 5. Unfortunately I was unable to attend but finally got to try out the skins yesterday. Actually to be factual, the name alaskametro is followed by the 'greater than' symbol and a 3 = heart.   Unfortunately when I type this in I get an error so just pretend it's there.

I am (obviously) not a terribly good skin reviewer, unlike Gogo from JUICYBOMB.COM who does fantastic reviews on skins. In saying that, I know what I like and I like this skin. Utilizing the SL 2.0+ viewer, Alaska has created a very affordable way for us to have amazing options with the one skin. This is taken from Alaska's note card as she best describes her product:

Begin by choosing a base skin tone from the selection of semi-tintable, seamless skins. From there, up to 4 hair colours are available, with 3 eyebrow options each. A skin pack includes 1 eyebrow option, in 1 hair colour, in 1 base tone, but contains 4 variations: regular, freckled, Brazilian waxed, and freckled with Brazilian waxed.

Makeup packs are available to enhance your alaskametro<3 skin, and are modifiable to allow you to add your own tattoos, nail polish, body glitter, etc. Makeup packs use the SL 2.0 "Tattoos" layer and will NOT work in older Second Life software.

Base skin tones are currently available in 4 semi-tintable shades:
ROSE: warm, beige pinkish-toned light skin
BRONZE: warm, tanned/bronzed medium light skin
SPICE: very warm tanned medium skin
EBONY: cool-toned, very dark/African skin

Each skin tone is modifiable by up to 7% using the My Appearance sliders.

Up to 4 hair colours are available for each skin base tone: blonde, red, brunette, and raven.

There are 3 eyebrow options are currently available:
01: smooth, combed brow arch
02: elegant, natural brow arch
03: sparsely-plucked brow arch

A skin pack, sold at L$900, includes 1 skin base tone with 1 eyebrow option in 1 hair colour, but includes 4 skin files.

Follow the blog at for the latest news, tutorials, and styling tips using alaskametro<3 products.

Shown here is the Rose tone with Fresh Make Up #2 (left) and Matte Make Up #2 (right).

Nice bum.

Just for the record, no PS effects have been used in these pics. I would encourage you all to go try on some demo's to see for yourself. I'm really impressed by this skin and the freckle's make it so interesting. I do think she has done extremely well with the hands in particular. Take a look at the first pic which shows them quite well.

So looking forward to seeing this brand grow.

Top and Pants: Wool Tangerine by Alb Dream Fashion
Hair: Maitreya Nimue in Natural Blond
Shoes: You got it - Maitreya
Necklace: Antique Rose by gisele
Bangles: Sugar Copper Gem Bangles by Fresh Baked Goods

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