Wednesday, April 10, 2013

7 Deadly Skins - It's Worth Dying For.

Who doesn't love a great skin?  I know I'm always thrilled when I find a skin maker who captures the real life nuances of the body and face.  Here I'm showing the wonderful work of Izara Zuta's label, 7 Deadly Skins.

Lucky for us, she has created 12 different body types for each skin as shown below and they come in 4 different skin tones.  I'm showing 7 different skins; however, you can purchase different make up's for variety.  I'm so pleased to have been linked with Miss Zuta's label and I'll be wearing these in many future posts.  7 Deadly Skins has lots of ways in which to purchase the skins and extra's so do drop by and check it out.

Delerium Skin

Lust Skin

Morea Skin

Sloth 1 Skin

Sloth 2 Skin

Vanity Skin

Vero Modero Exclusive Skin

Now to get full advantage of 7 Deadly Skins news, goodies and extra treats, join the in-wold group.  Skins are also available on Marketplace here -

Cute butt eh??????

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