Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Very Meme Monday - "My Three Wishes"

Another meme meets Monday from the wonderful mind of Strawberry Singh.  Well this one I had to think long and hard about because I'm greedy and only three wishes was a stretch.

1. I wish for the fun days when I first joined.
This makes me a little sad because I've become somewhat of a recluse since my blog has become all consuming.  I wish for the days when I was modeling all over the place working with amazing people who made SL such fun.  When we would discover things together and laugh for ages or be in awe of something beautiful.  At learning new skills and sharing them with my then wide circle of friends who would wax lyrical about you when really, it wasn't anything much that you did but that the importance of encouragement was the impetus of your friendships.  When all you could hear was the 'ding' of IM's and you couldn't keep up with the conversations.  The days when something fantastic was released and the grapevine was humming with friends letting you know and going shopping together oooo'ing and ahhh'ing all over the grid.  It was pure fun and something that could only occur in a certain time because everything was new and you were establishing your identity in SL.  In a way, it felt like growing up again and you can only do that once in SL.  I'm probably making no sense because perhaps its only me who feels like this.  My fondest memories of the early days was enlisting all different photographers to take pics of me for my portfolio and styling a gazillion looks hoping they would think I was remarkably different and waiting for them to arrive to share with friends.  I still have the folders of my modeling friends where we would share our newest pics and support each other when we auditioned or made the cut.  Seems sort of silly now, but back then, it was fabulous.

2. I wish I had Chalice's body/bodies and wardrobe.
In RL I do really love fashion.  I do have a pretty liberal wardrobe of clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelery but if I had Chalice's body, my god I'd be unstoppable.  I'd probably dress and re-dress ten times a day and never have my head out of my closet, only to go out showing off.  Then again, she is way over six feet tall with a clothes horse figure so its pretty unattainable in reality.

3. I wish that the crotch area didn't distort clothing.
I don't have an answer for why this is but it seems the minute you open your legs to any degree, the texture distorts and looks horrible.  Its the one area I need to fix up in Photoshop the most.  It doesn't happen with mesh items so much though.  Also on this subject, it would be great if one had the ability to lower the alpha layer with mesh clothing to ensure the legs don't poke out the dress. Is this even possible?

Oh and one of my pics was chosen to to make up the header of BloggingSL.  What a thrill and thank you so much for picking it Alianna.  Such a lovely surprise to wake up to. 

Outfit is from Kanou.
Lace leggings from Fishy Strawberry 
Hair from Boudoir
Skin from Glam Affair
Shoes from BSD
Umbrella created by Seagel Neville

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  1. There is nothing like those newbie days when you are busy discovering, socializing and making new friends. It's just not that same after that. <3