Sunday, April 14, 2013


Hoi ya.  In RL I have an eye brow and nose piercing and I realized that I hadn't given Chalice any such facial jewelery to date so when I found this unusual lip piercing at ASS, I snapped it up.  ASS have been serving various items to sub cultures in SL since 2008 and a trip to their store is an experience especially for the guys as they are well catered for there.

I also realized that I hadn't been shopping at one of my favorite stores, Chantkare, in ages.  I popped by and purchased this rather voluminous black dress with funky checkered tights called 'Manny'.

I'm wearing my SLINK hands with new release SLINK avatar enhancement nails from ASS.  There are some amazing colors and patterns so stop by and soak in the fabulous talons.  I defy SLINK hand wearers not to buy any.

Another store I hadn't visited for ages is Aoharu where I purchased these Fringe Sweed Sneakers from their Annex label.  They come in some great colors and the cute fringing with beads set them apart from your average sneaker.

I am absolutely in love with the hair selection from Tram.  I find it so realistic and NEARLY have all of the styles created by Moca Loup, Tram's designer.  I know a lot of the time I love to wear impossibly long, straight hair in SL possibly because I lust after this in RL, but so many of Tram's shorter styles are quite amazing and frame the face so beautifully.  A little word of advice, all hair is set to size 40 head so if you don't want to stretch it, merely set your head shape to that size. I hope Ms Loup keeps designing hair because I can't wait to see what she comes up with next plus her clothing is amazing. In RL I have blond hair (yep via a bottle) that is past my shoulders with tight kiss curls.  I swear that the older I get the more curls appear and the tighter they are.  I used to straighten it but now I just go with the flow and the time I save just leaving it dry naturally is a god send not to mention the condition of my hair has improved no end.

Before I say adieu, I wanted to remind people that unfortunately for us, Morgane Batista Poses will be closing soon.  In a recent note card, Morgane advised that she has put out 4 boxes in the store containing a load of unseen poses for L$300 per box.  I purchased 2 boxes and believe me, there's a heap of great poses in there...sorry I was too lazy to count them.  So if you're looking for something different, I suggest you go get them before its too late.  Apart from these boxes, there are a plethora of other poses for sale so don't leave it too late to grab yourself these wonderful poses.  Its always sad to see someone's shop close so I wish her all the best in the future.

Ok, here's the business end:

Hair: A816 hair in Creamy Yellow tone from Tram
Skin: Zoe in Pearl tone by Tuli
Lip Tattoo: Glossorama Lipstick tattoo in Black by A.S.S.
Eyelash Tattoo:  T Lashes in Teal color by Tuli
Hands: SLINK
Lip Ring: Cross My Heart lip ring by A.S.S.
Nails: SLINK avatar enhancement nails from ASS
Eyes: Eternal Eyes in Grey/Green by IKON
Dress including tights:  Manny by Chantkare
Shoes: Fringe Sweed Sneakers in Yellow color by Annex at Aoharu
Earrings: Intrigue in Silver by Indented Fashion

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