Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I'm An Eclectica Girl.

Today I'm the mad hatter wearing a gorgeous creation by Tiffy Vella from Eclectica Jewelry.  This hat is called 'Solaria Cloche' shown in Tangerine tones that match with a jewelry set of the same name.  The hat includes the hair in the colors ash, blonde, brunette, auburn and black  As you can see, the necklace matches the embellishment on the hat.  The 'Solaria' jewelry set contains earrings, rings and a necklace with the option of gold or silver metal.  Pop along to Eclectica to view the wide range of colors that are available in both the hat and jewelry.

The coat and long cardigan are available from LAQ...just perfect for cold days.  I found the tartan tights from Maitreya.

I am always honored to blog any product from Eclectica Jewelry because I believe in the quality of the pieces and want this label to be on the tips of everyone's lips.

I've got two wee vents that will make me feel better.  I purchased some mesh pants from a vendor at Fi*Friday the other day and popped them on and they're grey.  Nothing I do will bring up the texture.  I send a pic and a message...nothing back.  The creator has nothing in their profile but a link to Marketplace.  Seriously, if you aren't going into SL much, say so.  Let your shoppers know how to get on to you.

I purchased some boots from a well known label only to have no ability to resize them apart from stretch, which as we know, can be tricky.  They are miles too small and even when I reduced the size of my legs, the boots are still too small.  Surely a resize script in L$400 boots isn't too much to ask...or is it? 


Hat and Hair: Solaria Cloche Hat in Tangerine by Eclectica Jewelry
Skin: Yoko in Cream tone by blackLiquid
Eye Shadow: Rust Glitter by blackLiquid
Brows: Black #2 by blackLiquid
Lips: Mocha Matte Glaze by blackLiquid
Coat and Cardigan: Striped Brown Coat and Orange Long Cardigan by LAQ
Tights: Tartan in Dark Brown color by Maitreya
Boots: Soho Boho Brown Boots by Maitreya
Necklace and Rings: Solaria in Sulphur color by Eclectica Jewelry
Glasses: Leopard Frames by TokiD
Nails: Glove nails by DownDownDown
Location: Rust

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