Monday, April 8, 2013

Another Meme...Fashion Blogging

As I mentioned a few posts back, I have been wanting to start at Meme about blogging practices to get to know you better but also I'm interested in how you prepare and what inspires you.  My interest arises from the fact that there are so many interesting SL blogs that I appreciate out there and I'd love to know what goes on 'behind the scenes'.  Interesting blogs equals interesting people. When I see styling that is amazing, I wonder what process the blogger goes through to get that look.  Or how long it takes one to create a post from beginning to end.  Or why some blogs are more popular than others and whether you think other forms of social media are important in self promotion.

I'd love for you all to participate.  Just cut, paste and delete my answers.  YAY.  Oh and put a link in my comments so I can read them.

1.  Blog Name?
Chalice In Wonderland.

2.  Blog URL?

3.  How long have you been blogging? 
Since July 2009.

4.  Why did you become a blogger?
For me it was a natural progression from modeling in SL.  I wanted to show off fashion and styles I liked to a wider audience. I mean standing in my SL home looking at my new purchase is not very stimulating.  

5.  How would you describe your blog?
My blog is centered around SL fashion more than anything else.  While I sometimes express an opinion on SL happenings, I feel more comfortable sharing the positive aspects of SL fashion, although, I wish I could think of more to say.  I love blogs that have a mix of both fashion and social commentary.  I don't critique designers because I won't blog what I don't like but I do appreciate bloggers who do.

6.  What process do you go through when styling an outfit for your blog? 
Because I don't blog for any label or designer, I purchase most of what I post unless a designer connects with my blog and sends me something.  I usually find a piece of clothing that resonates, put it on and then start to build from there.  I'm often seen TP'ing across the grid partly dressed looking for accessories.  I find that works for me because I can gauge color, patterns etc while I'm wearing the key item.  When I'm happy with the entire look, I save it and head out to a location or my photo backdrop on the roof to take my pictures.  I save the photo's to my computer and then open them up for photo processing.

Sometimes a look comes quickly and sometimes I scour every store I know to find that right accessory.

7.  How long does it usually take you to prepare a post?
I'm getting much quicker these days.  I'd say on average it takes me 3 hours for each post.

8.  How do you promote your blog?
I am syndicated to a few SL feeds but wish it were more.  I have been applying but it seems that no-one is home. lol.  I also post when I blog in Plurk, add my posts to Moolto and Pixel Fashion Group in world.

I'll be honest...I am disappointed that my blog isn't more popular after so many years but its my fault because I don't network enough.  I have become more insular in SL than I used to be and only pop my head up every now and then.  I think this is reflected in my readership and general interest in my blog.  I do dedicate a lot of time to it and sometimes wish I felt that it had a purpose and relevance in the blogging world.  That probably says more about me than anyone else.  It's probably the fact that I suffer depression and often internalize silence as no one cares.

9.  Are readers comments important to you?
 Yup...I love to get comments.  It just validates the work one puts in.

10. I always get excited when I see a blog post from.....?
Shopping Cart Disco's SL Secrets.  I never have a clue who they're about but I love the comments left nonetheless.  I admit it, I love a bit of drama from the sidelines.

10. What do you think it takes to achieve a successful blog?
I guess this is really subjective because what denotes a successful blog but I'm sure most of us do it hoping for as wide a readership as possible?  I think it takes good networking skills and the ability to remain fresh and relevant. 

Skin: Zoe in Pearl tone by Tuli
Lip: Intense Crimson color for Pearl skin by Tuli
Hair: B429 hair in Creamy tone by Tram
Eyes: IKON
Coat: Maruca Coat in Dress Blue color from Celoe
Bag: Boni Brown bag by Bare Rose
Earrings: Tres Chic color change earrings from Lazuri
Hands: SLINK of course


  1. Great post Challice <3
    Callie oh

  2. you will always be fresh, unique and relevant to me <33 just happy to have you back with us!

  3. Oh thank you darling. You seriously just made my day which was going down the toilet fast. THANK YOU friend xx