Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Givers Of SL

I had a really good time putting this together.  Half my attention was on purchasing pieces and the other on discovering some new places I hadn't been before.  In amongst that I was perusing the feeds and thought I'd mention two people and their blog who really add such positivity to our blogging community.  Casja Lillihook and Gidge Uriza's blog, It's Only Fashion, take the time to give credit to bloggers when they feel their artistry and creativity deserve merit.  I think its a lovely idea and I really enjoy their 'Fast Five' posts immensely. With so much going on in SL and the vast amount of information that bombards us, its so easy to miss some really special posts.  Their commentary makes me stop a moment and appreciate the talents among you all that in all sorts of ways, keeps me interested and engaged in SL.  Bravo Casja and Gidge.  I think that giving out bouquet's says a lot about the people that you are.

Now on to my outfit.  Oooo ahhhh, I'm in love with the top (Celoe) and pants (ElyMode) in this ensemble.  I don't know what Elysium Eilde of Elymode does with her textures because they are so polished and perfect.  All of her clothing are distinctive in that her entire collection is cohesive and you know it's Elymode.  To me this is quite rare in SL, because I don't often see a piece and know immediately who designed it.  She also creates awesome eye make up among many other things so even more reason to visit.

The ultra feminine mesh top is called 'Rhonda' from Celoe.  I love the russet colors and waist bow which like all Celoe items, sits so perfectly on the body and screams quality.

The bag, necklace and hair band are from Tram...I swear I can't stay away from that shop.  The shoes are the latest release from Maitreya Gold called 'Suave' which they certainly are.

From the feeds, I noticed this wonderful sim called 'Small Town Green' and headed there to take my snaps.  Seriously beautiful and well worth the time to slowly explore all the nooks and crannies.

Oh and I changed my blog interface just for a change.  Wish I was more creative because I know how I want it to look but can't quite get it there...YET.

Are you all looking forward to Monday?  Maybe Berry has another Meme for us??????

Credit goes to:

Hair: New Pelle in Light Blond color by Pelle
Skin: Mya in Pale tone by Belleza
Eye Make Up: Vita in Black by Elymode
Eyes: Fashism Sunrise Eyes in Pale Violet color by IKON
Nails: Red Gloss nail glove by DownDownDown
Top: Rhonda by Celoe
Pants: Jolee Capris in Camel color by Elymode
Shoes: Suave in Chocolate color by Maitreya
Bag: Gamaguchi Bag in Brown color by Tram
Necklace: Classic Necklace in Red by Tram
Earrings: Folk Forest Earrings by Glow Studio
Hair Band: Classic Hair Band in Red by Tram
Watch: Gloria by Donna Flora
Ring: Lilac Nouveau Rose Ring by Eclectica


  1. thanks so much for including elymode in your post! Your thought that my designs are recognizable as mine makes me smile, that's a huge compliment. (and I do love the texture on those capris too! )
    <3 ely

  2. Thanks so much! I really appreciate your comments.

  3. Ely - It was entirely my pleasure to show off your fabulous pants. You have and continue to contribute to SL in all sorts of ways and I admire your talents.

    Cajsa - My pleasure and again, thank you for being a SL star.